How to fix can’t tap to search / interact in Fortnite Mobile

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What if you can not tap to search/interact with Treasure Chest?

Fortnite mobile iOS is fun to play. You can play anywhere whether you are waiting for a line, or in an¬†airport. Sometimes it frustrated when you found a bug in a treasure chest, or ammo box, a gun, even you want to revive your teammates you can’t tap to search or tap to interact/select it to your inventory. This Fortnite glitch is the frustrated one. The newest player accidentally fire a weapon or destroy the treasure chest when they want to open a treasure chest or want to pick a bandage and MedKit then spoil their location and die RIP.

bug tap to interact / search

bug tap to interact/search

This simple tips can fix tap to search/tap to interact bug problem. When you found a treasure chest or legendary weapon in Fortnite Mobile, you just hold the joystick with left finger and use two fingers to tap in the item which you want to interact. See an image below.

double tap to interact

double tap to interact

Just hold one finger in the joystick and use two fingers to tap the item you want to interact, whether it is you want to revive teammates, open a treasure chest, replace a gun. Another solution is open your inventory bag and close it again, but it is a time consuming, it is more dangerous when you are in a combat area and want to tap fast to get your Victory Royale in Fortnite. Please share this article with your friend and the world if you found useful and can help a new player in Fortnite Mobile.

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