How to Build Fast and Better in Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile is the top of the iOS game and Android game right now, with Epic add Android Devices support this year it will be more players playing Fortnite Mobile. The building mechanic is one of the essential factors in how to win Fortnite Mobile. It can turn things around from being pushed or dying to win a battle. You might see Youtube Video or Twitch Clip of mobile fortnite player shown their fast building skill and makes a console or PC Fortnite player amazed because they are just using a Phone or Tablet to play Fortnite. With more and more competitive players right now in Fortnite Season 6, you will need to learn how to master those build fast in fortnite mobile, and if you have done it suitably, the fast building in Fortnite Mobile can give you more advantage while in combat mode or 1 v 1 situation. In this post, I make fortnite mobile building tips for you to train and help you how to build fast in Fortnite Mobile.

how to build fast in fortnite mobile

how to build fast in fortnite mobile

Turbo Building Fortnite

First thing first, you need to check your settings and turn on Turbo Building. This setting is a basic that will help when you were holding down the build button. It will automatically continue to build your selected piece, that would mean is you no longer have to place every piece by touch build button individually. When you need to build fast, for example, is a wall, you do a 360 spin and hold the build button, and it will automatically make the wall around you. How to turn Turbo Building in Fortnite Mobile is you need to go to settings and select in-game settings tab, scroll down, you will find Turbo Building On/Off button.

turbo building fortnite mobile

turn on turbo building fortnite mobile

Pick HUD Layout that suits you

Onto the next tips on building fast in fortnite mobile, you need to set your HUD Layout that comfortable with your playing style. In playing Fortnite with mobile phones, there are many kinds of players using a different style of playing. There are some of the best fortnite mobile players who play with their thumb and claw. I am playing with iPad Pro, and 6 finger claw is suited best for me. You can try copying some of this fortnite mobile build layout here, try it for one day and tweaks fortnite mobile quick building buttons until you are comfortable playing. Important to choose if you want to select the HUD Layout that makes you fast when switching combat mode, and build mode. Also, when in build mode you need to fast when changing wall, stairs, and floor.

7 Fingers Claw Fortnite Mobile

There is a player that played with seven fingers, this method you can try if you play Fortnite Mobile on iPad / tablet. On his recent video, he is showing play with left thumb and index finger to select building shapes, and the right finger is for aim, placing building, edit building, and rotate the camera. You can make this fortnite mobile building tips too, see his video below :

What to Practice for Building Fast in Fortnite Mobile?

Build fast is not enough if you want to improve your skill in Fortnite Mobile building tips, you need to build better too. If you already have Fortnite mobile HUD that you comfortable to use, and playing style you prefer, now it is time to practice. You can practice in Fortnite Offline with justbuild lol apps, on the side note it is a fortnite mobile offline simulation, but still, you can’t edit the hud layout, at least until now. If you would like to try, you can download an app store or google play store, or you can practice in Playground Mode.

You can start practicing to build Fast in Fortnite Mobile with :

  • 2 layers ramp
  • Double stairs with 2 layers ramp
  • 3 layers ramp

2 layers ramp

two layers ramp

two layers ramp

The basic you can practice fortnite mobile how to build, this kind of ramp is useful if you want to rush a player in front of you, with two layers with stairs and wall build, the wall will be helpful to make your stair more powerful, so player in front of you will need more damage if he wants to destroy your ramp. Start practice with this kind of ramps because it is easy, you need to run and place stairs-wall, stairs-wall, keep practicing this for 30 minutes to one hour and make sure you don’t mess your wall to put it in front of you instead of below your stairs.

Double stairs with 2 layers ramp

double stairs with two layers ramp

double stairs with two layers ramp

Even more powerful and high defense after you are practice with 2 layers ramp, you can move on to this double stairs 2 layers ramp, instead of just one stair, you need place two stairs and two walls below it. This Turbo Building comes to play. When you are trying to place two stairs, you need to hold build button and rotate your screen left and right, start running switch to a wall, set it again to the left and right. My tips: try to place the wall when you in the middle of the stairs, start running, jump and set stairs again.

3 layers ramp

3 layers ramp

3 layers ramp

Move on to the next level; the 3 layers ramp is what pro players use when they are rushing player in front of them. This 3 layers ramp is strong enough to hold if enemy shot it. Start practicing this in Fortnite Playground with build stairs – floor – wall. That is okay if you mess around when placing a wall in a couple of minutes at the beginning of practicing, you need about 15 minutes of practicing to master this. Try to combine with shooting target when you practice this, imagine enemy in front of you waiting to be killed by you. Start slowly, and after a while, your finger starts to be comfortable with switching building HUD and moving smoothly you can begin to train faster or combine with jumping.

Start Practice Editing in Fortnite Mobile

Do you Enjoy play Fortnite with fast build now? Go to the lobby and start playing, you will be amazed what you get after just an hour practicing with this fortnite mobile building tips. While you already master those fast build in fortnite mobile, you can start practice with Editing. For practice editing course in Fortnite Mobile, you can use this Tristan JS Video on youtube below.

The most important is you need to start slowly and keep it clean, keep it structured because it will affect your fortnite mobile gameplay later when you are jumped out of the bus, while in a 1v1 situation you remember this practicing, shot your enemy down and get those Victory Royale!

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