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how to build fast in fortnite mobile

How to Build Fast and Better in Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile is the top of the iOS game and Android game right now, with Epic add Android Devices support this year it will be more players playing Fortnite Mobile. The building mechanic is one of the essential factors in how to win Fortnite Mobile. It can turn things…
best hud fortnite mobile

Best HUD Layout Settings for Fortnite Mobile: Choose your right setup!

Being the best player in Fortnite Mobile isn’t always about the skill you portray while playing the game. It is also about how well you know the game and how adaptable your gameplay into different situations. Your Hud Layout setup plays a significant role. They are the very difference…

How to Get Free VBucks Fortnite Battle Royale iOS

Fortnite Free VBucks – How to Get? As you may know, many sites claim they can promise to give you free with vbucks generator, do not trust again of any of that site or anyone in youtube that show generator, with some website watermark floating in their video. Besides…