the best fortnite mobile headsets

Best Fortnite Mobile Headsets 2018

The essential fortnite mobile gaming gear is your headset, as the sound is the number one factors that decide where shot comes from, and where the enemy is in fortnite mobile. Thus your headset should be perfect, robust and optimal that will bring you number one victory royale in…
fortnite gift ideas

Best 10 Fortnite Gifts Ideas for Kids who love playing Fortnite

One hundred players who drop into different area maps, and looking for loot then try eliminating other players, yes the one and only Fortnite. A lot of the players is a kid. For me, this game is addicting too, and for sure it is a lot of fun to…
best fortnite mobile game controller

Best Fortnite / PUBG Mobile Game Controller Gaming Triggers That Works

Playing Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile is quite fun especially this month, more and more player is added to Fortnite lobby area when Fortnite Android is released earlier this month. On this post you will find our reviews for the best fortnite mobile game controller, it is excellent and…