Best Fortnite / PUBG Mobile Game Controller Gaming Triggers That Works

Playing Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile is quite fun especially this month, more and more player is added to Fortnite lobby area when Fortnite Android is released earlier this month. On this post you will find our reviews for the best fortnite mobile game controller, it is excellent and cheap without need deep pocket. While playing hours and hours in Fortnite Mobile, you could be tired of holding your phone or iPad moreover some player tell it’s difficult to adapt to playing on mobile than PC or console. Despite many player requests to Epic to add controller support, Epic Games itself has yet to add official support to Bluetooth Controllers, seems they are want to keep fair among all player to play in Fortnite mobile.
There is one product Gamesir Battledock X1 mouse and keyboard Fortnite Mobile works for about a month. This product emulates your device to use keyboard and mouse support through Bluetooth connector,  some YouTubers shown it is work perfectly in Fortnite Mobile, then Epic trigger Fortnite Mobile update and block all of the features, and kick you out from the game because of using emulator apps. The happychick apps itself, it is apps that use hotkey mapping for the keyboard on your iPad is no longer support Fortnite Mobile, at least it still works with PUBG Mobile. Check Gamesir X1 Battledock price below.

Best Fortnite / PUBG Mobile Game Controller that works

The Cinsey Fortnite PUBG Mobile Controller is essentially the controller you can buy that worth the price tag on the market, this controller featuring handheld game case with ergonomic design that makes you use your phone like actual XBOX / PS4 game controller, this is a controller that’s perfect for iPhone 6,6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, iPhone X, or Android phone like Samsung Galaxy S8. It also features a clicky mobile game trigger button that can immediately improve your gameplay skills and reduce awkward reaction while seeing enemies.

best-fortnite mobile game controller

Thanks to it’s ABS material for a transparent style that will not block your line of sight. Shot by mistake is number one problem for Fortnite Mobile player if you do that you will spoil your location, with this controller you are never shot by mistake again also may reduce your finger numbness when playing more than 2 hours.

This game controller is actually attached to your phone, and feel like Nintendo Switch similar but for your phone. Start the game and go to customize HUD Layout and set right side of your trigger to fire mode, and left side to build mode, then you can start building in Fortnite Mobile like Ninja or other PRO players. When we read The Best Fortnite PUBG Mobile Controller Reviews it said they are 100% satisfied with this product and make the score with 10/10 and said Would buy again!

Upgraded Version of Best Fortnite PUBG Gaming Trigger Mobile Controller

This one is from WeeDee the upgraded version with nice red trigger cable that will improve your gaming experience and visibility instead of ABS transparent material. The Gaming Trigger will not block the map on the right side, and it snaps on your device to avoid slipping. Also, it comes with handy thumb grip will help you roaming all the map to win the Victory Royale.
WeeDee Fortnite Mobile Controller main features :
  • More sensitive buttons that you can shoot at enemies quickly.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable grip simply enjoy your game.
  • It will not block the Map PUBG game controller that is perfectly suited for 4.5-6.5 inch phones.
  • Compatible game, PUBG, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Fortnite, Survivor Royale, Critical Ops. etc.
  • No need for power supply and controller, easy to use, high precision, high sensitivity.
The controller is very helpful and makes playing on mobile a lot easier. The controller grip helps with fatigue and overall control, and the triggers are responsive enough, it will give you an advantage in PUBG / Fortnite once you get used to. This is perfect for you who have more bucks to buy controller than Cinsey Controller.

Have you mastered those controller yet?

Would this controller improve your gameplay in Fortnite and give more advantage on building in Fortnite Mobile? Give comment below if you have more thoughts and idea in the comment section below!

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