Best 10 Fortnite Gifts Ideas for Kids who love playing Fortnite

One hundred players who drop into different area maps, and looking for loot then try eliminating other players, yes the one and only Fortnite. A lot of the players is a kid. For me, this game is addicting too, and for sure it is a lot of fun to play this game. Because this is not an offline game which we play with BOT and making a video game is easy to play and make boring so fast, but in this game we are will compete with Real 100 Online players, like The Hunger Games Movie, that last one standing is the winner. With some of the dance moves and emotes is fun to watch, and makes the interaction with other players is real. Some of the items that you can find in Battle Royale Gameplay can be The best gifts for fortnite lovers.

Gifting them with something that he/she loves is quite big surprises for them, especially if your kids really love playing Fortnite. You will expect wow reaction or even happy tear reaction when they open the presents and know that gift is a must-have collectible item for whom playing it. Even some of my choices is a product that will help distract them and reduce their playing video game time. Below you can find The Best 10 Fortnite Gifts Ideas for Christmas or Halloween Present to your son who love playing Fortnite.

best fortnite gifts for kids 2018

1. Fortnite Party Pickaxe

Fortnite party pickaxe

Pick Axe is a default item that every player brings when jumping from the battle bus, this pickaxe is known as Harvesting tool which is a tool that player use to mine material and break in battle royale gameplay. Made with plastic, the pickaxe is a perfect fortnite gifts for kids and your son can use as an accessory for Fortnite Halloween costume. The material is lightweight, and it is labeled with Slurp Juice ( one of a rare item labeled purple color in Battle Royale Gameplay ), it is the most well-known item in the game and for sure your son is a Fan of it too. If you are playing this game too, The Party Pickaxe also Perfect for Display in your living room.

2. Llama Night Lights

llama night lights

Very rare item in a single match, You can find only three supply Llamas in a match. That can make this Llama Night Light is one of the best gifts for fortnite lovers. This product can decor your son or daughter rooms with seven colors change included. It is powered by USB with low energy consumption that you can connect with the phone wall charger. This Llama nightlight is made with acrylic that makes a bright light and produces 3D illusion visual experience. Wrap this product and make Christmas Fortnite gifting to your son, know that only three llamas in a game, and when they open your gift will make a great surprise on Fortnite Christmas Gifts for your kids.

3. Skull Trooper Halloween Cosplay

fortnite halloween costumes

Skull Trooper is a cosmetical item in the game that only can be purchased with 1200 V-Bucks (in-game currency). Labeled with a purple color/epic rarity this cosmetical item was introduced last year in Fortnitemares Updates. Your son might know this outfit because a famous Twitch Streamer always use this skin daily known as Myth. What makes this makes Fortnite gifts for Halloween is because this skin cannot be purchased in-game anymore. If your son doesn’t have or have this skin in the game, you can dress their up with this Fortnite Halloween Cosplay. The material is made with Spandex that include Mask in the package. Also, you can request the size of this costume.

4. Rex Back Pack

Fortnite rex backpack

Same with last product but this one is part of Legendary costume in the game, a Very Rare in-game cosmetical skin. Rex is an outfit costume of dinosaur that more similar to Rex in Toy Story movies, or Boo in Monster Inc Movies. What makes this backpack special is one of official Product right now and of course is the functionality. Your son can use this on Fortnite Halloween costume or daily usage to school. This backpack equipped with orange spikes which makes your son look like bringing a dinosaur strapped in his back. Grab this product and snap a photo and upload to Instagram. Your son or daughter will love it and make this perfect gifts for fortnite lovers.

5. Nintendo Switch: Fortnite Edition

This is a console game but a portable from Nintendo that can make your son playing everywhere. Although this product is not necessary especially when you don’t want your son not playing everywhere but still this portable console game is the best Fortnite Christmas gifts for Kids who love playing Fortnite. Also, this console will reduce their tv screen time when they are not playing in the PS4 / Xbox Console. Right now this product is in a bundle time, that has extra special in-game gift items (cosmetical item/skin) and 1,000 V-Bucks (in-game currency). Perfect for Fortnite Christmas Gifts for kids or a Fortnite birthday gifts to your son, also you can use this product to play some game like Zelda or classic old school game like Super Mario Bros.

6. Llama Pinata

Perfect pinata for Fortnite party, with this one you can decorate your Halloween party and this llama pinata, will blow your kid’s mind. Personally, I purchased this llama pinata for my decor room. This llama pinata can be easily filled too, you can make this like in-game Llama loot that your kids found very rare in the game. Remember that I told early, llama loot can be found just 3 in a single Game Map, if your kids have it, he will make every one of his friends will be jealous that they couldn’t find this rare llama first!

7. Glowing V-Bucks


In-game Fortnite currency can be a Fortnite Collectible Ideas too. This instagramable v-bucks which can you brag to your kids, or maybe decorated living room with this product. Featured with glowing that makes more like the real V-bucks than anything else. Made with 3d printed this glowing V-bucks size is 2 inch in diameter. You can get this and fill in Llama Pinata that I recommend gifts for fortnite lovers before.

8. Boogie Bomb

Another idea for Fortnite Halloween Gifts is Fortnite Boogie Bomb. When your son or grandson see this item, they might be starting to dance. Yes! This is a bomb that player throw in the game and when they hit they start to dance. This item can play boogie music, lights up, just like on the game. But remember don’t throw it like in game because doing so might brake it.

 9. Fortnite Coloring Book

Choose this Fortnite gifts for kids product if you want to reduce your kid video game playing game time. This book is filled with learning to draw Fortnite cosmetical item and coloring some character that entertained your kids for hours. In the inside, there is a Skull Trooper, which is one of cosmetical item or skin that every kid loved, and more skins that is a great way to spend your kids free time and learning them how to draw the character.

10. Monopoly Fortnite Board Game

fortnite monopoly board game

Do your kids know how to play Monopoly Board Game? This old-school game is the best ideas to learn your kids how to play monopoly because this board game is inspired by Fortnite Battle Royale game. Don’t be surprised if you finally lost board game to your kids because they know better places and characters.

And that monopoly Fortnite board is the last product that I personally as a Fortnite player recommend gifting for kids who love playing Fortnite. Don’t forget to leave a comment on this gifts for fortnite lovers if you have some ideas to share.

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